Security Services

Security Services

Many times companies, schools and communities make an attempt to create precautions to mitigate risk but in today's complex society and economic times, the old methodology of planning is not enough to keep our people and assets safe at work and within the communities we live.
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Countermeasures – Industrial & Personal
  • Emergency Action Plans Development Assistance & Review
  • Bombs & Explosives - Consultation & Training
  • Covert CCTV - Closed Circuit TV
  • Loss Prevention
  • Workplace Violence – Assessment & Training
  • Employee Assistance Program Support
Creating a true proactive strategy for a safe environment requires an organization with personnel who has real life survival training to analyze, determine and plan for:

  • Corporate Headquarters and Locations
  • The visitors entrance of a company, the perimeter of the building, structure and parking garage
  • Emergency planning - protect your company from disgruntled employees
  • Any public event, with special guest or political officials or the hotels they reside while in Maine
  • Political or Dignitary visits 
  • Sporting Events
  • Public water systems and public water transportation
  • A College or University Campus Event 
  • Graduations or Special Lectures
  • Public or Private School Events
Corporate Intelligence, a Maine based company with the personnel with the military training to instantly view an area, instinctively determine the risk and create a step-by-step plan for moving forward. 

Today the entire team at Corporate Intelligence can work with you and your company, school, or town, to create the necessary strategies and protocols to address ways to mitigate incidences, provide the initial and ongoing training for your personnel, and site visits to determine performance. Knowing what you don't know can be the difference. 

Being proactive and prepared is essential in today's world.  daily security measures need to become second nature for you and your team.  The key to mitigating a situation begins in the planning and preparedness of the team.  the ability to notice an out of place detail or unusual, out of the ordinary individual pattern is the initial step in confirming a real occurence and notifying local authorities. 

Corporate Intelligence has the experience required to work with local companies, municipalities, and non-profits throughout Maine.  Corporate Intelligence is a locally owned and Maine based company, as such, we can help your Maine based organization benefit from our specialized talent and ability.  Being local allows us to meet with your ownership and personnel on a regular basis. It is like having your own in-house security department. We analyze and determine the most effective measures to keep your people and assets safe.

Schedule a meeting today to learn more about how Corporate Intelligence could assist in securing your personnel, facility, event and any other environment.
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